Finally worked out my DAW issues

I really haven’t done much recording since I upgraded from Ableton Live 5.2 to Ableton 6. This is partly because I’ve been busy with other things, but it’s also because I got bit by a bug in the upgrade process that makes Live loose track of samples. This messed up the few tracks I had recorded in Live 5.2 since switching to it as my DAW of choice.

I had taken the precaution of backing up my Live 5.2 library before I upgraded, but I didn’t feel like trying to fix a computer problem. Part of the reason I switched to Live from Acid is, for the most part, Live “just works” and lets me focus on recording music rather than fixing technical problems with my platform. And I’ve been using that as an excuse to not record ever since.

But I decided I needed to get working on some new projects. Over at, we’re doing a little experiment called the BP Recording Project. The original idea came up in this thread. We worked out the details in another thread and people are posting their results to this one. The basic idea is simple. One member of the site posted a file of a computer generated song and we’re all taking it, adding a bass line, posting the results, and discussing it. It’s not really so much about the song itself as it is an experiment in how different bass players approach a song. And since I wanted to contribute, I had to fix my DAW.

And fixing it, it turns out, was dead simple thanks to the fine folks at Ableton, who posted a Live Pack to fix the problem (the Live 5 Compatibility Pack). I just downloaded and installed it and now all the tracks I did in 5.2 work perfectly in 6.0.3 (I went ahead an upgraded while I was at it). And now I’m inspired to do some work.

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