The Gist

This is the official site for James, Not Jim, a recording project by James “Wheatbread” Martin. I play bass guitar and compose instrumental music featuring the bass. I try to explore non-traditional roles for the bass while keeping the emphasis on the music, rather than the technique. I hope to one day have record enough tracks to merit releasing a CD.

I’ve been playing bass since 1984 and have played in many bands over the years. Now I focus on composing and home recording (see the gear page for technical details).

My Stuff

The music page has links to all official releases. Sketches and other previews can be found occasionally in the blog. You can find my tracks at MySpace and ReverbNation.  If you’re a Facebook fan, check out my ReverbNation artist page on Facebook.


I also maintain a few websites for bassists: bassplaying.com, bassfaq.com, wheatsbassbook.org. My personal sites are wheatdesign.com and wheatblog.com.  There are some biographical details at the about page of wheatblog.com.


I appreciate your stopping by. I hope you enjoy the music, and I hope you’ll check in from time to time. If you want to keep tabs on things, subscribe to the blog RSS feed.